First of all, thanks for considering contributing to prioriactions. We greatly appreciate your interest in improving and expanding the package. prioriactions is the result of collaborative work between programmers and experts in different disciplines. Since successful modelling projects involve long-term investments and the participation of multiple teams, we are open to further expanding the set of people contributing to the project. All people are very much welcome to contribute to code, documentation, testing and suggestions.

Fixing typos and documentation

The contents of this website have been produced through the utilization of the pkgdown R package. This implies that there’s no need for manual HTML coding; the website’s content is automatically aggregated from various sources including code documentation, vignettes, and Markdown files. If you’re familiar with using pkgdown, you’re welcome to suggest modifications to enhance the documentation by submitting a file change. If you’re not acquainted with pkgdown, feel free to raise an issue.

Report a bug

If you want to report a bug or suggest an enhancement, it’s a good idea to file an issue to the prioriactions repository at GitHub. If you’ve found a bug, please file an issue that illustrates the bug with a minimal reprex.

Ask a question

Using prioriactions and got stuck? Browse the documentation to see if you can find a solution. Still stuck? Post your question as an issue on GitHub. While we cannot offer user support, we’ll try our best to address it, as questions often lead to better documentation or the discovery of bugs.

If you want to ask a question in private, you can contact to the package maintainer José Salgado-Rojas.

Propose an idea

Have an idea for a new feature in prioriactions? Take a look at the documentation and issue list to see if it isn’t already included or suggested. If not, suggest your idea as an issue on GitHub. While we can’t promise to implement every idea, it certainly helps to:

  • Explain in detail how your proposed feature would work.
  • Keep the scope as narrow as possible to ensure feasibility.
  • See below if you want to contribute code for your idea as well.

Code contributions

Before making contributions to the package R or C++ code, make sure someone from the prioriactions team agrees that the change you suggest is needed.

  • Fork the package and clone onto your computer. If you haven’t done this before, we recommend using usethis::create_from_github("prioriactions/prioriactions", fork = TRUE).

  • Install all development dependences with devtools::install_dev_deps(), and then make sure the package passes R CMD check by running devtools::check(). If R CMD check doesn’t pass cleanly, it’s a good idea to ask for help before continuing.

  • Create a Git branch for your pull request (PR). We recommend using usethis::pr_init("brief-description-of-change").

  • Make your changes, commit to git, and then create a PR by running usethis::pr_push(), and following the prompts in your browser. The title of your PR should briefly describe the change. The body of your PR should contain Fixes #issue-number.

  • For user-facing changes, add a bullet to the top of (i.e. just below the first header). Follow the style described in